Friday, February 27, 2009

Romeo y Julieta Medallas de Oro Review

After coming home from my 16 hour shift, I had a desire to relax and kick back, rather than just sleep until my next shift. Thus, I began rummaging through my humidor. I had already smoked several of the new box of Oliva Serie V - Ligero Especials and wanted to finish off some of the older ones. I looked at the bottom and there it was, my last Romeo y Julieta Medallas de Oro.

This brand of cigar was the first brand I had ever smoked in my life, in Las Vegas of last year. At the time, and even now, I am still but a novice when it comes to cigars. The main difference now is that I somewhat know what I like, and I have spent quite a bit of money on cigar related paraphernalia. This particular cigar came from the first batch I had ever bought; a sampler pack of random cigars that I had never smoked before. It was also part of a pack of cigars that were the very first cigars in my humidor.

On visual examination, I was already feeling a bit weary of this particular cigar. It looked a bit dry and had quite a bit of bloom on it. Still, I had chosen this one and I refused to put it back. I removed the cigar from its cellophane wrapper and decided to give it a good sniff; it did smell okay still, earthy, without being overtly so with a hint of leather. I then gave it a soft pinch which seemingly told me the opposite of my visual examination in that it did still have a bit of spring in it and perhaps was not as dry as I thought it was.

I set up shop on my balcony with my chosen one, along with a pint of Boddington's. I hoped for the best, but I had my reservations. I carefully cut the tip, when suddenly bits of the wrapper began falling off. The cigar had begun to unravel itself. I now became hesitant; would I attempt to finish what I had started, or would I dispose of this one and call it a loss? In my stubbornness, I forged ahead for I would not let a good (maybe) cigar go to waste!

I pulled out the matches and began the lighting process. In my mouth, it was not unpleasant, but I could feel the wrapper unraveling a bit already. Still, I continued, and eventually was able to light it, albeit after multiple attempts and several matches.

The burn was not satisfactory at all.

It was crooked, it was falling apart, it was sagging, and everything that could have gone wrong was going wrong with this cigar. The wrapper continued to fall apart in my mouth and I only had my Boddington's as my savior to this tragedy. The few puffs I did take were mediocre at best - it was a mild to medium bodied cigar, completely inoffensive with a slightly nutty beginning and a sweeter, berry-like finish. It was a simple cigar, yet one that might have proven satisfactory had it been properly taken care of.

At this point I was tempted to give up, but I became adamant on salvaging what I could out of this situation. I continued to draw it, but even that became difficult as the wrapper had disintegrated so much that a proper draw was nearly impossible. Soon the cigar became flavorless with the only sensation being the wrapper continuing to fall apart and the heat from smoke. I became saddened by this turn of events, but in the end, I am the sole proprietor of this predicament due to my lack of experience as well as my carelessness.

I held the cigar once more, only to extinguish its short, and unmemorable life.


  1. Costco sells these in a 10 ct box in glass now. I'm trying one tonight and hope to have a better experience than you.

  2. I just finished my first one. Quite enjoyable, although not earth shattering. I had none of the problems listed above. It lit and burned perfectly, with a beautiful white ash. It started very mild and pleasant, and actually became more interesting near the end where I was able to detect more cedar and pepper. All in all, a very good cigar for the price.

  3. Perhaps it was bad for you because you kill your cigars with poor storage. Any cigar thar is not at the correct humidity will fall apart and taste bad.... Sorry to state the obvious

  4. A bit harsh as the op stated he knew the condition wasn't the most desirable. I'm on the first third a we speak. The stick had a great appearance however after being lit the construction didn't have the same effect. It had a great aroma prior to start which didn't transfer during the first third. Hopefully the remaining will not disappoint.